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As the leading social media in today’s platform, Facebook ads you will be able to advertise on a platform that has 2.45 billion Facebook users as of 2019, and at least 100 million active users every hour.

Facebook Business

On average, 74% of Americans with Facebook accounts use the platform at least once a day. But with these numbers alone, we cannot guarantee that we are always reaching the right people for our business. As useful as Facebook Business may seem, it’s actually quite a long process that needs time and plenty of dedication to make it work (especially for paid ads).

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  1. By September 2019, there is an average of 1.62 billion Facebook users who log onto Facebook daily. By this time, daily active users rose up to a 9% increase annually. This results in a growing pool of audiences that you can effectively strategize to reach.
  2. Facebook has one of the most dramatic growth for revenue on mobile. Mobile advertising revenue shot up to a 94% of advertising revenue. With this growth, Facebook records an annual 23% increase in mobile advertising revenue because of the ever-increasing number of mobile users.
  3. The average time a person spends on Facebook is 20 minutes. And this number increases on mobile usage.
  4. Users view at least 10 FB ads in every visit.

Facebook has really become the world leader not just in social media but also in an effective and efficient advertising. As a marketer for your business, Facebook is a platform that is just hard for anyone to ever miss out on. Aside from these stats, here are the top reasons why you should opt for Facebook Advertising.

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Cheapest Form of Effective Advertising

Profitable Campaigns

Guaranteed Customer Engagements

Targeted Audience

Other reasons:

  • Facebook advertising yields quick results
  • Easy Brand Awareness Campaigns
  • Boosts website or blog traffic and app downloads
  • Facebook Insights allows you to measure your ads with ease
  • Facebooks users and customers can see your brand multiple times
  • FB ads provide a platform for repetitive online transactions
  • drive SEO rankings higher
  • All FB ads are on real-time
  • It allows you to have full creative freedom on ads, campaigns, and more

Types of Facebook Paid Ads

Image ads

Video Ads

Experience Ads

Promotional Ads

How to advertise on Facebook?

Tips on How to Advertise on Facebook

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